A setback

Well people, I have been crying about my most recent situation and not in the writing mood so I asked Bill to write earlier. But I think I have finally come to terms with it enough that I can say a little something about it myself. Earlier this week I had chills and achiness and vomiting as if from a virus or something, and shortly after that one of my reconstructed areas started acting up - it is all deformed, red, swollen to probably 3 times it's size, and so terribly painful (thus some of the crying). I had been talking to the plastic surgeon (not mine, he's on vacation, this is his esteemed partner) and he determined that I should have another surgery tomorrow morning to check out the extent of the damage. I could come out of this just irrigated, fluid removed, cleaned up and with a drain put back in, or I could come out with a new expander (and all the aforementioned things) or I could come out with no expander. We have to be at Providence Hospital in Novi at 7:15am tomorrow for the 8:15am surgery. I should be home later tomorrow afternoon.

I'm sad about the setback....I was ready to keep going and set on the plan, and this could impact not only the reconstruction process but also the start of chemo. I've been crying because I thought I had done so well, but whoops! I thought too soon! I've also cried due to the inconvenience it has been for my family - I had to postpone the family birthday party for Katie and didn't get to enjoy nearly any minutes of her 6th birthday with my birthday girl. I am crying now just thinking about that! I'm also afraid that the whole reconstruction will go awry.

So, if it is not too much to ask, I could use some prayers that they don't find me riddled with infection tomorrow, and some prayers that everything will be easily cleaned up, put back together, and I will heal better this time.

We are blessed to have such great parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. Sybil took Nathan today to David's office (where he had to change a poopy diaper!), Nancy came over and Katie was able to rest at home, Angela got right on the helping hands website, my sisters have been so kind and reassuring, my Dad stopped by after work, my Aunt Perry brought more flowers, and Bill spoke with Aunt Donna on the phone. Tonight the kids are at Grandma Sybil's for a sleepover - an event which has been rare in the past, because their dumb parents never want to give them up for an evening! But you will see that they all look comfortable and happy (and cousin Shane is feeling peaceful):

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