Appointments yesterday

I had an appointment with my breast surgeon yesterday...and I am crazy about Dr. Dekhne. There is just something about the way she presents information and answers questions - thoroughly, straightforwardly, yet she spends plenty of time and has a good bedside manner. I really like my plastic surgeon, also...but the plastic surgeons seem to err more on the side of being careful with what they say and how they answer questions - as if they don't want to scar me with the rougher information. Maybe because Dr. Dekhne is female, and a strong female, she doesn't have any problem telling me everything just exactly how it is.

I was worried to go to the appointment yesterday - nervous I would hear something I didn't want to hear but ready to ask every question I had. I left feeling like Dr. Dekhne had passed along some of her strong female characteristics to me, and sad that I won't see her again for almost a year. (I will be watched by my oncologist now over the next 5 months, and then see him again 3 months after chemo...I see Dr. Dekhne 3 months after that 3 month check up.) It probably helped that she kept telling me, "You had a Stage 1 breast cancer. The chance that it would return is very low."

She also gave me advice about some other upcoming things. Regarding plastic surgery, she suggested I wait longer than the plastic surgeon suggests before trying again with an expander - more like 6-8 weeks post-chemo so that I have enough time for my immune system to bounce back. That would give me a better chance of fighting infection. She also said something that totally turned the whole failed-expander situation around - since I don't have an expander in my right side, I can use that side however I want! I don't know why I didn't think of that, but it is totally great for this spring and summer - I can play more with Nathan, even use that arm to pick him up, etc. Regarding my oophorectomy (ovary removal) she gave me the name of a surgeon, told me to meet with my own GYN, told me to have it done laparscopically, and explained why I wouldn't want to have a hysterectomy.

I also went to Susan's Special Needs yesterday...and I take everything back about Susan (typical). She was not crying this time, and she was the perfect person to help me yesterday. She showed me prosthetic breasts that were incredible - I've never looked so good in a bra before! I'll get one for the summer after I've been expanded more on my left side. I also picked up some things for when my hair comes out, and made my appointment to get my head shaved and my wig cut.

My children all went to my aunt's house where they had a great time! My darling sister Amy and darling nephew Matthew went over, too, to help with the onslaught that is the Lucken children and just to spend time. After Amy and Matthew left, I kept finding Emma walking around forlornly saying, "I miss Aunt Amy and Matthew! It is just so lonely here without them!" I kept mentioning that she normally she lives with just the 5 of us and all thousand of our pets, but it didn't help. She is in love and was bereft without them.

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