Chemo starts tomorrow...and I think I'm ready

I think I'm ready to get my ass kicked, if anyone could be ready for that! Here's how, quickly, so I can go to bed:
  1. I'm feeling good again! except for the burning in my chest which is apparently just my nerves coming back...and the port which annoys me constantly. My mileage on the treadmill came back up, just in time for it to plummet again (which is ok, I know).
  2. I've had awesome quality time with the kids - especially Nathan who seems like he has suddenly learned how to say everything during this recovery month. The girls' conferences went well, they are clean, happy, and settled again...just in time for more upheaval!
  3. I ate enough cheesecake in the last week (residual from the 1st communion party) to make up for all the weight I lost during the infection week...not that I needed to do that but an enormous amounts of cheesecake is always comforting.
  4. We had a delicious and thrilling picnic dinner outside tonight from Qdoba - our family favorite. Katie suggested we always eat picnic dinners outside on Wednesdays, unless it is very cold, and I thought to myself that it might be a very fun tradition for the night before chemo.
  5. I've got activities for tomorrow! I have magazines, and I bought (will you guess this - probably not!) a GRE test booklet for fun! Yes, I love to waste money, apparently, but I also love to take standardized tests! Doing challenging work during chemo *may* help protect against "chemo brain"...but even if it doesn't I think it will be a fun way to spend time. Maybe next session I should study for the GMAT, and then the following session, the LSAT, and then after that I'll spend a few sessions on the MCAT. I'll come out of chemo very refreshed, academically!
  6. Bill is putting together my rebounder...good for the immune system which is about to be obliterated.
  7. I got my juice recipes together, finally, and we'll pick up ingredients tomorrow. (Nancy, I never emailed you back - we have The Juicing Bible, and something else, but I am trying The Juicing Bible right now...as previously mentioned, I was specializing in cheesecake over this past week so not into juicing for health as I should have been!)
  8. My garden is coming up! I've been weeding, which is another love of mine. Even if I am not feeling well enough to garden over the next week or so, I'll have little presents coming up everyday.
  9. I've saved up lots of Jane Austen movies on Masterpiece Theater (favorites) and all of this week's Dancing with the Stars.
  10. My sister Amy has been here to keep my mind off of chemo coming, and when she leaves my sister Julie (and brother-in-law Tyler, and darling niece Natalie) will be coming in to take my mind off of feeling badly from chemo!!!!!!!
So wish me luck! My appointment is at 11:15am tomorrow...


Ellyn said...


I will be thinking about you today! Spend the next week relaxing, watching movies and mindless TV. Before you know it you will feel great again. I'm here for you if you need anything!

Ellyn Davidson

Christina said...

Hi Pam, I found you on the 3Day website. I am 30 years old with the same breast cancer as you. I also am a wife and working mother of 2. I was diag in early Jan and have had a double mastectomy with reconstrucion and 3 rounds of chemo. I will have one more round on chemo on May 2nd. I would love to hear from you please feel free to email me at christinabstark@yahoo.com

Best of luck,
Chris Stark

nancy said...

I hope today went well! I hope the rebounder is fun! You'll have to let me know.... and of course, send any good juicing recipes my way.... still not go on that for me :(. I htought about you all day!