I'm taking it back...

After a quick trip to the mall (Katie had a fabulous time at a Build-a-Bear birthday party and I was looking for clothes for Emma's upcoming First Communion), I am retracting my sentiments on fanciness. There is definitely something to be said for getting dressed, hiding abnormalities, pretending your chest is not so uncomfortable, and looking normal (or better than normal)! That is so me to jump to conclusions and make sweeping generalizations, only to retract what I said maybe 48 hours later, if not earlier. So I am sorry, writers of cancer books, for disparaging your attempts to be totally fancy during your ordeals...I can see what you mean now!

I'm also back to feeling better, emotionally...I guess I should not retract all the sentiments of fear I was experiencing earlier, but I am back to feeling more positively. There is really so much to enjoy and experience, and so many examples of people who have gone through breast cancer beautifully and went on to live wonderful lives. To be perfectly honest, I have to credit some of my turn of heart to Dancing with the Stars (so silly of me)...but those people are leaping around that stage and putting silly little moves in and it just touched me that there is so much fun to have, so many fun things to do with one's body. And how weird is it that the last two musical guests (last week and this week) were both breast cancer survivors - Kylie Minogue and Sheryl Crow? It was nice to be able to show these beautiful women to the girls and say, "She had breast cancer, and look at how amazing she is now!" - especially Kylie because she also went through chemo and lost all her hair...my next frontier.

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