Chemo is not fun. I'm glad that the cocktail I've been given is so wonderful at destroying these cells, but it is still bad.

Just a quick update, for my own records:
  • Thursday started to feel pretty queasy, and became exhausted and went to bed early.
  • Friday, woke up better but still queasy (no vomiting due to good anti-nausea drugs), took a good nap and felt passably well...went to bed early, had more pain at night. The Neulasta injection (to help with white blood cells) burned and took a long time to inject, but it wasn't so bad as I thought.
  • Saturday - not a fun day! My chest hurts and I woke up sure my infection was coming on the left (non-cancer side), went to the plastic surgeon who said it looks ok. It still feels bad, like it did before my infection went out of control, but I'm just going to hope it is ok. Supposedly chemo can make things hurt again, though. I'm sore, still don't feel like eating, did a lot of sleeping and watching tv (more sleeping). I'm cranky and feeling sorry for myself.
I'm even more determined to find a cure for breast cancer so that other women don't have to go through this. I do wonder how I will train for the 3-day if this is only going to get worse with each treatment!

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Christina said...

Dear Pam, I know how you feel. You will get through this. Take up all the help offers. I know that it isn't easy not being able to take care of your family. Thats what us Moms do. Right now take care of yourself!! Keep fighting, you will feel normal again even though it seems like that day won't come. Hang in there. It certainly isn't easy but I know you are strong!! My prayers are with you.
Chris Stark fellow breast cancer club member, (the club no one asks to join)