Pictures, and beauty shop day

There are lots of fun pictures of Julie, Tyler and Natalie's visit to Michigan on their blog! Go see them!

We played "beauty shop" yesterday afternoon...I gave the girls each a pair of hair-cutting scissors and they went to town on my head! I told them that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use scissors on someone's hair (especially their mom's) until they had kids of their own and could do whatever they want with all that hair in the house. They were excited, but afterward Emma said, "Mom, I don't think I'll be a hairdresser. We wrecked your hair!" I assured her that it is coming out anyway in a few days...and when Bill came home he used his clippers to even the whole thing out.

I was so happy that Nathan didn't even bat an eye at the whole scenario...he usually asks "Why, Mom?" for everything, and he didn't even ask it when they cut off all my hair! Katie also seemed very at ease with the whole situation...it's amazing how some little things can drive that girl nuts but then she just rolls with the bigger stuff like it is nothing! Emma is a little upset and uncomfortable, but we've talked it through (ad nauseum, almost) and I'm hoping she'll adjust.

I'm hoping I'll adjust, too! I know lots of people who have or had this haircut and it looks adorable on them, but I'm not crazy about the look for me at all. I find it mildly entertaining that I barely need to wash it at this length, that there is no styling (like I did that anyway), and I'm embracing the opportunity to see my hair like this...but once it grows past this length (it is 3/4 inch long) I won't look back! I'm glad that instead of shaving my head bald we had beauty shop day, that I have a few days to see it like this before there is nothing left....and hoping it will help the family get used to the whole thing.

Thinking about it, I've done a lot of preparation (mental and otherwise) to get rid of this hair! Look at all these steps:
  1. Found a wig
  2. Got a shorter haircut
  3. Had about 1 thousand conversations with the kids
  4. Got hats
  5. Got more hats
  6. Wore them around
  7. After chemo, chopped own hair again
  8. Started wearing baseball hat all the time
  9. Had beauty shop day, shorter shave
No one can say I haven't done my homework to make this as easy as possible, and no one can say I've been ignoring this eventuality!

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Kendra said...

This is one thing I can say for sure that I don't know how you feel about losing your hair...But just know that you'll get through it. I can tell mine is thinning out a bit. stay strong!