A great day!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lucken family had the most wonderful Sunday ever. Emma's First Communion was truly special! We had the most wonderful group of family with us at Mass - aunts and uncles and grandparents and even our most recent baby cousin all came to Church. It was also so special to Emma as so many of her school and soccer friends stopped by to congratulate her. Afterwards, the whole family came over to our house for lunch, dessert and presents...we were also able to celebrate Katie's birthday belatedly and I think we more than made up for the delay with young Kates.

It is the most wonderful thing to see my children with all of my family members - I just can never get enough of seeing the family bonds grow and develop!!!!!! My children are so comfortable with the whole family that they don't hold back with anything - Nathan was jumping all over Uncle Jim, Emma can sass and joke with my Dad or my uncles and Katie can perform in all of her fanciness the same as they do when we are all at home by ourselves. Sometimes I wish they had more restraint and were more polite, but I also love seeing them be so at ease with my beloved family members - like they know they are really loved. What more can you ask for your children?

You can see more pictures of our day if you click on our family slideshow (to the right, in the links).


Juleswf said...

Congrats to Emma! Great photos, thanks for sharing :-)

Uncle Mark said...

Hi Pam , I am hoping you can handle an Uncle Mark and Dingo visit this weekend Let me know.